Concept only 5% of a Success Business

( Photo by Laura BC from Burst )


The realization of a brilliant business plan lays the foundations of future success for the company. But the designing of this plan is only 5% of the work done. The slog ahead lies in the diligent implementation of these plans.

Most people underestimate the effort that is required of a successful business. It is always exciting when drawing up the initial plans and concepts, but they will not fall into place unless even more works is put into their execution.

Entrepreneurs are frequently required to go back to the drawing board to re-strategize their business plans because of new competition or returning rivals who are putting up new challenges to regain their market positions. To outdo the competition, there is a continuous cycle of battles to be fought, and your success is only measured by your last victory.

Like the street says, “ The formula for business success is 5% inspiration and 95% perspiration.”

The winning business concept and initial execution is only 5% of the job done. Now, get ready to slog out the remaining 95%. Getting someone to do your job simply will not safeguard continued success.

Employees need to be lead. It is human nature to require guidance, directives and motivation. This is where the input of a business leader comes in. So, remember to work hard at the start, but never forget the requisite to work even harder in pulling it through.

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