Constant Enquiry Is Your Best Learning Tool

( Photo by Brodie Vissers from Burst )

 An ancient Chinese proverb says, “He who asks question remains a fool for 5 minutes. He who does not ask, remains a fool forever.”

Constant and persistent queries have proven to be an effective tool in learning for new business owners, who are certain to have many issues to ponder over.

The power of enthusiasm to inquire knowledge is a skill frequently underestimated in our society. It is a free learning tool, and one that can readily be exploited by young business owners. It is particularly effective if the entrepreneur has access or contact with veterans of the industry with good track records. The leveraging effects of constant enquiries tend to build up exponentially, and will have a noticeable impact on an entrepreneur’s degree of expertise over time.

There is an endless cycle of talking, reading, planning and thinking about the various aspects of business before you will reach a certain stage of comfort with your knowledge. And even then, the cycle doesn't stop there.

A person who is not in the habit of being inquisitive will find their knowledge stalling and their curiosity waning over the course of time. This would sound the death knell of a business owner, who must constantly evolve to keep up with the changes in the business ecosystem.

If you want success, ask unceasingly on matters relating to your business in your everyday encounters. Modesty and enthusiasm is all you need to win over your teachers.

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