After almost two years of pandemic and been presenting through electronic device, have you prepare to do a face to face public speaking, the direct social interaction with eye contact and getting instant response?

Don’t be fear of public speaking, well prepare yourself with these formula about speaking to influence.

  1. The four-word secret to speaking with confidence

You need a mindset shift. Most people feel nervous because they barrage themselves with a bunch of self-defeating, worst-case-scenario questions:”What if I make a mistake? What if I forgot what I want to say?…” STOP yourself the minutes you getting into negative self-talk which accomplish nothing other than to undermine your confidence.

  1. Be the speaker you’d want to hear

Stop looking at the opportunity from an ego-driven perspective, start looking at it from a generosity-driven perspective. Ask yourself:”If I were the audience, what information I want to hear? What kind of delivery style or personality would I hope the speaker would demonstrate?” Once you’ve answered those questions, be that speaker.

  1. The sixty-to-sixty rule

In the first sixty seconds of speaking, you will set people’s expectations for the value you are going to contribute to the next sixty minutes of your time together.

Remember your verbal, vocal, and visual channels need to be in sync in order for you to sound comfortable, focused and authentic. Being relatable is more important than being perfect, regardless of your relative status, talk to the audience as peers.

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