Stay FOCUS to be a successful businessman

To be successful as a businessman, FOCUS is needed. The ability to stay true to something long enough to become a master at doing it. This was the constant thing I never understood. It’s very easy to get addicted to improvement, yet at some point, you stop progressing as quickly and you hit the law of diminishing returns.
When you constantly keep working at something, you end up getting smaller and smaller improvements. I always thought I was just undisciplined and uncommitted.
Then my mentor told me something huge, and he said that it was okay that I quit those things. They were passions, not responsibilities.
As men, we can get caught up in passions or addictions. You may feel the most passion towards a television show, a video game, women, drugs, sports, whatever it is.
To be successful, we have to channel that energy through focus toward something that is a responsibility, not just a passion. It’s okay to move on and quit something you are doing for fun or doesn’t line up with your future.
Use focus and obsession to maximize your results in your priorities.
from "The Modern Day Business Man" by Nicholas Bayerle
Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst