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  • Maximising the Human Experience

    What exactly is possible with the metaverse? Well, to start, businesses will be able to create user experiences that are far more immersive than what is possible on web platforms today.

    The user experience will be more realistic, and therefore more engaging. This will have a profound effect on how brands interact with their customers and audiences. With new technology such as haptic feedback gloves, users will be able to interact with digital objects in a way that feels natural and realistic.

  • 新常态商业模式:直播营销


  • 政治影响力

    国家领导人往往都是掌握庞大的资源,然而某些企业主为了商业利益,也会与政治人物保持密切关系,以利其获得资源的分 配。一些与建筑、汽油和医疗有关的上市公司为了能够在政府资源中分一杯羹,自然而然地也会被灌上了浓重的政治色彩。

  • Get Your House in Order

    You have reached your limit.

    Your company would be hosting its annual overseas conference which will be attended by all the bigwigs of the industry. It would present an ideal opportunity for you not just to sharpen your skills in the event management, but also to  network with specialists and decision-makers whom you were keen to impress.