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  • Marvelous Minimalism

    I find Daniel and we take our picture: the two-man minimalist team. I may have been physically alone for most of the race’s 250km, but really that was quality time spent getting to know my true self. It was many miles and moments of connecting with the spirit of barefoot running, which courses through a few crazy runners in the world, and which I now know has always lived inside of me as well.


  • The Childhood Dream

    To this day, Dr Soo Kim Lan’s passage across the 1910s, persist in bringing to the fore, the message that anyone can triumph over personal challenges, apparent failures and discouragement, through personal choice and courage. 

    We can always choose to see that challenges are not meant to destroy or deprive us in any way, but to spur and strengthen us to achieve ever greater feats for the greater good of everyone in our lives.