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    What is your first response when you get a new task from your boss? Do you ask your boss, "When do you need this completed?" Every task has its timeline and I believe you have more than just one job on hand. Hence, when your boss hands you a new task, the most important thing to do is to readjust the priority of all your tasks. If you don’t know when your boss expects the task to be completed, how are you going to adjust the work pace for your team?

  • Why trade in Malaysian markets?

    As you are trading in Malaysia which is your own country, you have the home ground advantage as compared to foreign investors. You will have better understanding of the domestic political and economic environment and its impact to the markets. For example, when the government announces the MRT project, you would know what companies are likely to be the beneficiaries and the impact to the stock price.

  • 热带丛林欢迎你

    在这紧要关头,我必须时刻提醒自己,我的每一个动作,都将拉近我和河流对岸的距离,就我眼界能及的距离,那对岸起码还在 200米开外,无论我怎么努力逆流向前移动,感觉上那大河彼岸 仍然是同样的遥远,似乎有某种超自然的海市蜃楼在吊着我的胃 口一样,这么近却又那么遥远。 我右手抓紧着绳索,左手抓着背包,万一不小心松了手,湍急的水流就会将装满粮食装备的背包冲走,而我也不知将会被冲往下游的什么地方。水流的压力压迫着我疼痛的左肩,要我一直这样紧抓着绳索和背包还真不简单。

  • Self-understanding, the best asset one could ever have

    I have noticed that there are people who do not really enjoy what they are doing in life. In fact, they seem to be struggling and some even hate what they are doing. However, they feel they have to carry on due to various reasons such as the need for income and family commitments. They cannot see a way out and continue to be trapped in a life of misery.

  • How do you get rid of a bad habit in your behaviour system?

    To delete, get rid of or remove a word, file, software or programme inside a computer, you need to press the “Delete” key on the keyboard.

    Unfortunately, there is no “Delete” function in your brain. Based on psychological studies, to delete or get rid of a thought, emotion or an experience, you will need to “create” an event or action that can bring in new emotion and thought to “overcome” the existing emotion or thought that was first stored in your brain.

  • 我要改变