Kanyin x Mentor : Senheng Bundle: "Digital Journey" + "New Retail + New Platform" + “Corporate Culture: The Engine Of Growth”
Kanyin x Mentor : Senheng Bundle: "Digital Journey" + "New Retail + New Platform" + “Corporate Culture: The Engine Of Growth”
Kanyin x Mentor : Senheng Bundle: "Digital Journey" + "New Retail + New Platform" + “Corporate Culture: The Engine Of Growth”

Kanyin x Mentor : Senheng Bundle: "Digital Journey" + "New Retail + New Platform" + “Corporate Culture: The Engine Of Growth”

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Kanyin Publications presents:

Digital Journey - The Game, The Rule, The Way Forward For Business In Digital Economy

~ Author: Lim Kim Heng, CH Wong, KF Wong, JT Cheong, Vincent Lee, Dr KK Loo, Raymond Tan, Daniel Wan, C Yuan, Jovin Ng, Dr BZ Phua, Fiona Lim


All of the changes caused by the pandemic highlight the importance of digital transformation and online collaboration platforms. Mr Lim then integrates internal and external resources of Senheng group and implements digital transformation, which aims to provide employees and consumers with more efficient management methods, innovative business models and a brand new consumer experience. 

This book contains 26 important implementation policies planned by Senheng Group based on its insight into the habits of the market and consumers. Each implementation policy directly points out the importance of digital transformation in the retail industry. It is hoped that after understanding the changes and innovations of Senheng Groups, other retailers can clearly understand the challenges and opportunities brought to the retail industry during the epidemic, while inspiring their continued operations kinetic energy.

Senheng Groups has now become a digital technology company that is truly focused on big data operations. This should serve as a coping strategy in tackling the pandemic.


Mentor Publishing presents:

New Retail + New Platform

~ Narrated by: Lim Kim Heng
~ Author: Ooi Chew Wan, Bernard Saw, Lai Thiem Wah

“New Retail + New Platform” contains the story of Lim Kim Heng, the Founder and Executive Chairman of Senheng Electric (KL) Sdn Bhd. and his team are a true inspiration to many SMEs and enterprises. Instead of win-win, Lim believes that in business, the win must cover three dimensions: the business, the customers and the industry partners. His six transformation initiatives have and continue to benefit all parties. Lim's experience is both inspirational and enlightening from an enterprise perspective. His spirit is much admirable and is definitely a good example to fellow entrepreneurs.


Kanyin Publications presents:

Corporate Culture – The Engine of Growth

~ Author: Tan Yen Fong

Senheng opened its first outlets in 1989. Uppermost in Mr K.H. Lim’s mind at that time was the desire for a better lifestyle. He began with limited capital. The market in the 80s was burgeoning with new entries; the momentum to strike out on one’s own was great, and many would-be entrepreneurs rushed in to claim a stake. Unfortunately, few made it.

The electrical goods market was a mess at the time. Competition was extremely great, and every dealer was declaring war on the others. Customers would compare prices of every item from rice cooker to television and refrigerator and then begin to bargain, forcing the dealers to reduce prices. In the end, the customer might have got his appliance at a lower price but still went home feeling the price was not low enough. So dealers and customers seemed to be plotting on how to get the best price out of one another.

Mr. K.H. Lim and Senheng might not have been the most outstanding in the market, but they have lasted the mile. Today, Senheng enjoys a ‘harmonious’ relationship with its customers. Its outlets promote the concept of a better lifestyle for customers. When customers walk into the stores, they are greeted by a joyful atmosphere -- products are neatly displayed according to function, price and brand. Everything looks natural and carries clear price tags. Promoters are on standby to give detailed explanations about everything the customer may want to know.