The 100 Greatest Idea for Building The Business of Your Dreams

The 100 Greatest Idea for Building The Business of Your Dreams

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Turn your business daydreams into reality!

How do you rate your job satisfaction? Are you bored by the repetitive nature of your work? Are you tired of the eccentricity, and occasional madness, of the big company you work for? Are you beset with internal politics and meetings, bloody meetings and fed up with it? If so you’re probably one of the millions of people who dream of running their own business. But what exactly is the business of your dreams? Do you imagine that, sooner or later, you’ll sell a business to new investors and leave yourself able to retire early in a state of blissful financial independence? Or maybe you’d rather imagine yourself famous, or maybe just want to improve the way you live. Whatever the case, the time to start planning for the big leap into your own business is now. Inside you will discover:

• How to choose your market
• The pros and cons of working from home
• How to recruit the team of your dreams
• The secrets of successful selling
• Which risks you should take and which you should avoid.

All great businesses are 90% inspiration. The 100 greatest ideas for building the business of your dreams will help you find yours.