From Bankruptcy to Multi-Millions in 7 Years (Imperfect Book)

From Bankruptcy to Multi-Millions in 7 Years (Imperfect Book)

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Contrary to what most people may assume, bankruptcy for me was actually an amazing journey. Bankruptcy was not something negative, it was an opportunity for me to start all over again!

Today, I am living my desired life. Although I have succeeded in certain areas of my life, yet I keep an open mind and am still learning because I believe there is more to be achieved in this life.

I considered myself lucky as I was not only able to bounce back from the trials and tribulations of my life, but have emerged from adversity as a stronger and better person.

In hindsight, the hardship I endured was not in vain as I am now given an opportunity to add value to society and the people around me.

This is also the reason behind this book: the purpose of this book is to provide inspiration to you. If I can do it despite my circumstances, why can’t you?

No one can design your destiny for you, only YOU can!

If I can do it, so can you.