Gold (New Edition) by Ian Tai (Imperfect book)

Gold (New Edition) by Ian Tai (Imperfect book)

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  1. Bent and warped
  2. Creased book spine / spine wears
  3. Scratches and marks on book cover
  4. Yellowish book cover
  5. Spot UV peels off
  6. Book cover dented

We live in an economic era when money rots faster than what we earn. Price inflation causes millions to feel less secure financially despite working very hard. This is why it is important for you to become a savvy investor who knows how to preserve wealth in today’s uncertain global economy. Educate yourself now or risk losing wealth that you truly deserve!

In this exciting book, you will discover:

  • The Origins of Ringgit Malaysia & How Inflation Creeps into Our Country
  • How Wealth is Shifting from the Western World to the East
  • 5 Main Challenges Facing the Gold-Mining Industry Today
  • Why Central Bankers Dump Dollars to Buy Gold – even when prices are dropping
  • When to Buy and, more importantly, when to sell gold
  • How to Get the Best Gold Deal among Local Dealers