Senheng : Corporate Culture - The Engine of Growth (English version) (Imperfect Book)

Senheng : Corporate Culture - The Engine of Growth (English version) (Imperfect Book)

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Senheng : Corporate Culture – The Engine of Growth
~ Author: Tan Yen Fong

Senheng opened its first outlets in 1989. Uppermost in Mr K.H. Lim’s mind at that time was the desire for a better lifestyle. He began with limited capital. The market in the 80s was burgeoning with new entries; the momentum to strike out on one’s own was great, and many would-be entrepreneurs rushed in to claim a stake. Unfortunately, few made it.

The electrical goods market was a mess at the time. Competition was extremely great, and every dealer was declaring war on the others. Customers would compare prices of every item from rice cooker to television and refrigerator and then begin to bargain, forcing the dealers to reduce prices. In the end, the customer might have got his appliance at a lower price but still went home feeling the price was not low enough. So dealers and customers seemed to be plotting on how to get the best price out of one another.

Mr. K.H. Lim and Senheng might not have been the most outstanding in the market, but they have lasted the mile. Today, Senheng enjoys a ‘harmonious’ relationship with its customers. Its outlets promote the concept of a better lifestyle for customers. When customers walk into the stores, they are greeted by a joyful atmosphere -- products are neatly displayed according to function, price and brand. Everything looks natural and carries clear price tags. Promoters are on standby to give detailed explanations about everything the customer may want to know.