2 Better than 1- Shark Tank & The Modern Day Business Man (Business Series 2)

2 Better than 1- Shark Tank & The Modern Day Business Man (Business Series 2)

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Shark Tank by Bill Teh


The book has challenge and changed the way they have spent years in schools learned about traditional business. Traditionally, they learned from their father, grandfather and even their rivals for their traditional business.

The content of the book will help business owner to go through this challenging period. Choosing path for your business is more important than working hard for your business. You will learn, unlearn and relearn the global top companies’ business model that lead your traditional business to another level.

To create high valued company and cash rich company that will catch eye for the private equity and venture capital eventually will push your company to IPO.

We are very fortunate living in this moment compare to the past 100 years because we have a lot of resources and the technologies helping us to leverage our wisdom and strength in the business.

This book will inspire and help business owner and young start-up to built more successful top company like Xiaomi, Huawei, Alibaba, etc.

The purpose of the book is to encourage more entrepreneurship since the pandemic Covid-19 had brought down the global economy. The best ways to raise up the country’s economic is create and encourage more entrepreneur. This book had challenged and changed the perception of millions people around the world about business.


The Modern Day Business Man by Nicholas Bayerle



The Modern-Day Business Man is for the leaders of tomorrow who want success without sacrifice. Men who want to achieve success in their health, wealth, and relationships without giving up their personal life. For far too long, businessmen have been known for neglecting their health, their relationships and working 24/7. The Modern-Day Business Man marks a new era of men who rise up against the status quo and live life on their own terms.

After overcoming the agony of obesity, depression, poverty, and failing out of school, I made a decision to turn my life around. Now it is my mission to help men become 3-Dimensional so they can experience success without sacrifice in their health, wealth, and relationships.

Entrepreneurs have always been the catalysts for change in society, and now more than ever, they are role models. This book shares the timeless principles that I have learned after investing hundreds of thousands of dollars, interviewing some of the most successful people in the world and having a Navy Seal for a mentor over the last decade. 

The Modern-Day Business Man will teach you how to:

  • Be a 3-Dimensional Businessman, where you prosper in health, wealth, and relationships
  • Harness the foundational principles of success that will help you become a powerful, motivated and successful man
  • Tap into your vision, so that you can create and leave a legacy
  • Build a business around your passions that let you do what you want when you want, and with whom you want

Do you feel called to play at a bigger level? Are you ready to re-write your family tree and live life at the highest level? Then get ready to achieve success without sacrifice as a Modern-Day Business Man!