(E-Book) 2021 Year of Ox Outlook

(E-Book) 2021 Year of Ox Outlook

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*This is an E-book Version

What is the Global and Malaysian economic outlook in 2021? When are auspicious dates to launch products in 2021? What is in store for the 12 animal zodiacs in the coming year? 

In this eye-opening book, readers will be able to identify investment opportunities as well as minimise risks or losses in a challenging year. An easy reference of 12 animal zodiacs that break down to 60 in total, with interesting icons and explanations, will guide you from month to month.

The formulas used in our analysis are the Stem and Root of 2021, yearly sound consonant, yearly Gua, I-Ching Hexagram and 5 Cycles 6 Forces.

This is a must-have book that has almost all the required information needed to guide you through the year.