(E-BOOK) Keep Investment Simple and Stupid (Revised Edition)

(E-BOOK) Keep Investment Simple and Stupid (Revised Edition)

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*This is an E-book Version

‘How to Invest Like an Idiot & Trade Like a Pro?’ helps you to stand out, learn to
build a portfolio of financial assets you can actually care about, and take advantage
of the investor’s best friend – time – and watch their financial portfolio multiply.

In times of uncertainty, traditional advice about money and investment may no longer hold. In this book, you will learn:
- Investing isn’t a pro’s world anymore. Why couldn’t some of the fund managers even beat the chimpanzees? Yes! I’m talking about monkeys!
- What are the silly mistakes that most people make when it comes to spending, savings and investing?
- Why traditional advice like ‘High Risk High Return’, ‘Invest for Long Term’ and ‘Dollar Cost Averaging’ is nothing but a MYTH?
- How to get started investing in stocks, gold, silver, and real estate with just a few hundred Ringgit?
- Discover the mindset and psychology of real traders and market wizards.