A man without vision will die

A key lifeline to relationship, marriage, and a man’s life is vision. Without it, a man dies. Today, it seems like most people are like zombies walking around – living for the day and floating around the currents of life, seeing where life take them. There is a sense of unease because many people feel like sheep without a shepherd. Yet, if you go back into a time where there were more environmental pressures, you will see the importance of hope and vision.

We live in a society now where we aren’t concerned about starving, being attacked by a different tribe, or eaten by an animal. We as men had to have a strong will to live back in the day or we were dead. One example from the Bible was David. He went through hell, but because of his vision and God’s protection, he carried out his purpose.

If you are in survival, the next step is stability. If you are in stability, it will take you utilizing the feelings of survival to jump, to then next steps of success.

Men are motivated by two key things: running away from something, or running toward something.

Running AWAY from something: You wake up, you see your to-do list, and you start thinking about how if you don’t do it, you are going to go backwards; and if you go backwards, you won’t make money; and if you don’t make money, then you can’t pay your expenses; and if you can’t pay your expenses, then everything is going to catch on fire and you will lose everything. So, because of that thought, you get into massive action! Utilizing the POWER of running away.

Running TOWARD something: The more positive side of the coin. You wake up look at your to-do list and start thinking about what life will be like in a week if you accomplish and check these things off the list. You look at the goals and rewards you have. If you hit your goals, you get excited about the future. The dream of what life could look like, the accomplishment would feel, drives you TOWARD something ahead of you.

Both are powerful tools to be used as a man pushes through the 4 S’s.

Extracted from The Modern Day Business Man by Nicholas Bayerle