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  • Redefining Work


    Long gone are the days of graduating from high school or college, joining up with a company and working there for forty years before retiring and collecting a pension. At some point, you must come to grips with the fact that you will do many different things in life. Jobs will come and go, and our careers may change. But in all those experiences, we will evolve. And as we evolve, so does our life’s purpose and the way we express them.

  • 财务自由不是教你做废人


    有专家研究显示,人如果可以投入自己喜欢并感兴趣的行业,从中取得的成就往往会更高。因此,如果你因财务自由而拥有机会投入你想涉足的行业,得到一个能够充分发挥你才能的空间,你必然不会变成一个废人,反而是会成为一位成就更加高 的业界菁英、成功人士,对社会做出的贡献可能会更加显著。

  • The Roles of Energy in the Business Life Cycle


    It starts with the birth of an idea, where an entrepreneur has a brilliant idea and creates a new venture. As the business grows, it enters the toddler phase, still figuring out its place in the market and trying to establish itself. Then, it reaches the teenage years, where it starts to gain some traction and find its footing in the industry. Eventually, it reaches adulthood, where it’s established, profitable, and hopefully enjoying some stability. 

  • 不买大笨象股,只买仙股?


  • 迷信分散投资

    你会发觉,“系统性风险”和“非系统性风险”永远都处于一个相对的概念,这当中就是以『外部/内在』作为区分。而且你会发现,越想要降低非系统性风险,每 一笔投资金额就会越分散,整体投资回报率也就越和整 体系统性风险相匹配。延续上述的油气股例子,当你把所有马来西亚油气股都买一遍后,最终得到的回报率就是马来西亚油气行业的平均回报率,因为风险对应的是回报。

  • Marvelous Minimalism

    I find Daniel and we take our picture: the two-man minimalist team. I may have been physically alone for most of the race’s 250km, but really that was quality time spent getting to know my true self. It was many miles and moments of connecting with the spirit of barefoot running, which courses through a few crazy runners in the world, and which I now know has always lived inside of me as well.


  • 疫情如何改变了经济

    还看今朝,疫情后的经济管理该吸取什么样的教训?疫情期间受创最微、转身最快的企业正好是提升数码装备最迅速的企业,所以是加快企业数码转型的脚步?也许吧。还是巩固针对人民的福利支出,优化其传导机制为上上策?也没错。 之所以经济没有崩溃,社会没有动荡,复苏没有受阻,一系列的经济纾困计划,本来就居功不少。

  • Profanity

    Most of them pick up the habit from the people who speak around them and influence them, especially in certain movies, reality shows, and social media. Besides that, children's attitude most of the time is based on their parents' behaviour and habits at home and followed by teachers and friends in school. These places are the two common grounds for them to practice and learn from the adults. They can pick up profanity immediately and replicate it without knowing the actual meaning, and therefore do not realise that they could be hurting someone by saying such words.

  • Which is more important? Entry or exit point?

    Remember, the stock market is a place full of emotions. When everyone is pessimistic, stocks get undervalued. When everyone is optimistic, stocks get overvalued. Pessimism and optimism are random events, hence, we should learn how to read the market sentiment before deciding on our investment actions.

  • Maximising the Human Experience

    What exactly is possible with the metaverse? Well, to start, businesses will be able to create user experiences that are far more immersive than what is possible on web platforms today.

    The user experience will be more realistic, and therefore more engaging. This will have a profound effect on how brands interact with their customers and audiences. With new technology such as haptic feedback gloves, users will be able to interact with digital objects in a way that feels natural and realistic.

  • 技术分析之破绽

    世间上并不存在两全其美的事情,即使是锋利且拥有破军能力的 武器,也拥有其短缺之处。以狙击步枪为例:尽管它能够以极高 的精确度从远距离射击,但其缺点却是机型重量极大(移动性上 造成不便),并且只有在特定情况下才能使它发挥效益。正因如 此,技术分析也有其相对的短缺;庆幸的是其缺点清晰可见,且 很容易识别的。只要读者们懂得如何识别它们,技术分析就将会 在您行远升高的历程里,为您带来巨大的收获。

  • Ask Questions

    What is your first response when you get a new task from your boss? Do you ask your boss, "When do you need this completed?" Every task has its timeline and I believe you have more than just one job on hand. Hence, when your boss hands you a new task, the most important thing to do is to readjust the priority of all your tasks. If you don’t know when your boss expects the task to be completed, how are you going to adjust the work pace for your team?