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  • Redefining Work


    Long gone are the days of graduating from high school or college, joining up with a company and working there for forty years before retiring and collecting a pension. At some point, you must come to grips with the fact that you will do many different things in life. Jobs will come and go, and our careers may change. But in all those experiences, we will evolve. And as we evolve, so does our life’s purpose and the way we express them.

  • Marvelous Minimalism

    I find Daniel and we take our picture: the two-man minimalist team. I may have been physically alone for most of the race’s 250km, but really that was quality time spent getting to know my true self. It was many miles and moments of connecting with the spirit of barefoot running, which courses through a few crazy runners in the world, and which I now know has always lived inside of me as well.


  • Profanity

    Most of them pick up the habit from the people who speak around them and influence them, especially in certain movies, reality shows, and social media. Besides that, children's attitude most of the time is based on their parents' behaviour and habits at home and followed by teachers and friends in school. These places are the two common grounds for them to practice and learn from the adults. They can pick up profanity immediately and replicate it without knowing the actual meaning, and therefore do not realise that they could be hurting someone by saying such words.

  • The Childhood Dream

    To this day, Dr Soo Kim Lan’s passage across the 1910s, persist in bringing to the fore, the message that anyone can triumph over personal challenges, apparent failures and discouragement, through personal choice and courage. 

    We can always choose to see that challenges are not meant to destroy or deprive us in any way, but to spur and strengthen us to achieve ever greater feats for the greater good of everyone in our lives.

  • Art Shaped Me

    A profession that was alien during the mid-’80s. Nevertheless, I trusted my mentor who had my interest at heart as I was his most loyal student. My dream had always been to be like my master, to become an My Life Journey: The Rugged Walk 20 artist. I asked, “Why be an interior designer and not an artist?” And I remembered his words until today, “to become an artist, you need to be famous and that’s the only way you can survive”. It took me a long while to understand the reason behind it.

  • Self-understanding, the best asset one could ever have

    I have noticed that there are people who do not really enjoy what they are doing in life. In fact, they seem to be struggling and some even hate what they are doing. However, they feel they have to carry on due to various reasons such as the need for income and family commitments. They cannot see a way out and continue to be trapped in a life of misery.

  • How do you get rid of a bad habit in your behaviour system?

    To delete, get rid of or remove a word, file, software or programme inside a computer, you need to press the “Delete” key on the keyboard.

    Unfortunately, there is no “Delete” function in your brain. Based on psychological studies, to delete or get rid of a thought, emotion or an experience, you will need to “create” an event or action that can bring in new emotion and thought to “overcome” the existing emotion or thought that was first stored in your brain.

  • A man without vision will die

    A key lifeline to relationship, marriage, and a man’s life is vision. Without it, a man dies. Today, it seems like most people are like zombies walking around – living for the day and floating around the currents of life, seeing where life take them. There is a sense of unease because many people feel like sheep without a shepherd. Yet, if you go back into a time where there were more environmental pressures, you will see the importance of hope and vision.
  • Get Your House in Order

    You have reached your limit.

    Your company would be hosting its annual overseas conference which will be attended by all the bigwigs of the industry. It would present an ideal opportunity for you not just to sharpen your skills in the event management, but also to  network with specialists and decision-makers whom you were keen to impress.

  • Creating Your Family Wealth Legacy – Know Your Parenting Style

    Effective parenting requires interpersonal skills that can create some emotional demands. Experts in early childhood development say that an important dimension of parenting is the styles that parents adopt when they interact with their children.