The Roles of Energy in the Business Life Cycle

Just like human beings, a business also goes through a life cycle.

It starts with the birth of an idea, where an entrepreneur has a brilliant idea and creates a new venture. As the business grows, it enters the toddler phase, still figuring out its place in the market and trying to establish itself. Then, it reaches the teenage years, where it starts to gain some traction and find its footing in the industry. Eventually, it reaches adulthood, where it’s established, profitable, and hopefully enjoying some stability. However, just like how all good things must end, the business life cycle also includes the decline and eventual death phase. But just like how we learn and grow from our experiences, a business can learn and adapt to continue thriving.

Now that we have discussed the business life cycle, let’s talk about the four types of energy: Producer, Entrepreneur, Administrator, and Integrator.

First up, we have the Entrepreneur Energy. These are the folks who have a wild idea, and they’re like, “Hey, I’m going to start a business and make it big! ”They’re the ones who initiate and lead the development of the business and are the driving force behind the start-up phase. They’re like the parents of a newborn baby business; they have the vision and drive to take risks and bring an idea to life.

Next up, we have the Producer Energy. These are the folks who are like, “Alright, let’s get to work and make some stuff!” They’re the ones who work on the business’s day-to-day operations and ensure that the company delivers its promise to its customers. They’re like the older siblings of the business, the ones taking care of the baby, ensuring it is fed and cleaned.

As the business grows, we have the Administrator Energy. Administrators are the ones who organize and make sure everything is running smoothly. They’re responsible for managing the business’s operations and processes, ensuring it complies with laws and regulations. They’re like the cool aunt or uncle of the business, making sure it’s well-behaved and not getting into trouble.

Finally, we have the Integrator Energy when the business reaches the decline phase. These are the folks who are like, “OK, let’s bring everything together and make sure this business is sustainable.” They’re like the wise old grandparents of the business, the ones who help it adapt and evolve to stay relevant and competitive. They’re responsible for bringing together all the different aspects of the business to create a cohesive and sustainable strategy.

Entrepreneur Energy is vital for starting a business, Producer Energy for growing it, Administrator Energy for managing it, and Integrator Energy for sustaining it - these four types of energy each play a crucial role in different stages of the business life cycle. By understanding the role of each type of energy, businesses can better align their strategies and activities with where they are in the business life cycle.

Excerpt from Rules Have Changed by Jonathan Quek