(Soft Cover) Going Beyond The Wall by Ng Seow Kong

(Soft Cover) Going Beyond The Wall by Ng Seow Kong

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ISBN.                    :  978-967-2805-38-0

Pages.                  :  488

Published Year  :  2022




After decades spent tackling the most challenging ultramarathons across the world under unforgiving elements, the athlete that developed a cult following for his race reports now offers the full narrative of his astonishing life to the world. 
Packed to the brim with awe-inspiring true stories, Seow Kong’s Going Beyond the Wall: One Runner’s White-Knuckle Quest to Destroy the Separations Between Hell, Paradise & Himself is an intimate account of how a lifetime of adventure-seeking paved the way for the growth of endurance sports in East and Southeast Asia. 
This book is both a matter of historic record and a portrait of a man who left a legacy on the sport he loved by exploring the limits of his own body and mind. Drawing from the hundreds of endurance race experiences in wonderland settings across every continent, Seow Kong bravely details his failures and setbacks alongside his spectacular triumphs. 

In the end, this book is a call to arms for all those who’ve ever wondered what’s on the other side of the wall. This is one man’s story about what can happen when we decide to take that important first step into the great beyond.