Dari Payarama Ke Garismega: 2013-2020  - Awang David Ahmad

Dari Payarama Ke Garismega: 2013-2020 - Awang David Ahmad

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ISBN: 978-967-12845-3-7

Pages: 112

About The Book

'The paintings are based on a 'reflective self-referential experience' - encapsulating a journey and traces of a humble livelihood as a farmer as well as the plight of fishermen facing the challenge of time and nature. They are based on the concept of simplicity, harmony and balance, as demonstrated through figuration and abstraction, with qualities veering between intimate and expressionistic, and intellectual and intuitive. These works speak of the essence of human value, society, culture and environment through research, experience and memories. In their entirety, the works can be viewed as a continuous journey that searches for meaning and value in life.'                                                          

- Awang Damid Ahmad