Excel for HR - Tai Choo Tack & Darren Lo

Excel for HR - Tai Choo Tack & Darren Lo

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ISBN:  978-629-9939-50-4

Pages: 254 pages

Published Year: 2024

About the book:

This book is highly beneficial for, 

1. Business owners and organisation management

2. People Managers and Team Leaders

3. HR professionals who strive to add value to the business and HR operations. 

4. Undergraduates desire to be future HR. 

5. Anyone who wants to enhance their knowledge and skills in using data and spreadsheets. 

How do I use this book? 
1. Understand the 3E Framework (End-in-Mind, Explain, Effect). Should you need easy reference, the 3E framework can be found on the backflip of this book.
2. Follow the sequence of the chapters that have been arranged according to the HR lifecycle.
3. In the sub-sections of each chapter, there are various HR scenarios to illustrate how data can be used to make sound decisions.
4. For each scenario, several options of charts are provided to illustrate your data, e.g. line charts vs column charts. These options are given so that you have the flexibility to choose the best chart to fit your needs.
5. At the end of each chapter, there are reflection questions for you to reflect on before moving on to the next chapter.

Check out the authors! 

Tai Choo Tack - The Excel Sifu

Darren Lo - The People Enabler