Back To Property To Create Wealth Updated Edition- Anders Ong

Back To Property To Create Wealth Updated Edition- Anders Ong

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ISBN: 978-967-2805-61-8

Published Year: 2024



Anders is the youngest of four siblings. He graduated in 2014 from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) when he was 24 years and started working in the real estate industry during the market downturn. During the downturn, properties were hard to sell and buyers also found the property prices extremely high to purchase. One of his bosses, Peter, said, “Are you sure you want to be in the property line? Properties can’t be sold and the market is really bad at the moment.”

Peter’s question didn’t bother him. He started to work for money and money worked for his property investments. Despite all the challenges in getting his loan approval initially due to his low wages, finding ways to raise cash for down payment, costly learning from trial and error in searching for good properties, and not getting any financial assistance from his parents, he persevered and has successfully bought at least one property every year since then.

Since he was 10 years old, he had dreamed of owning properties. He has always desired to share his experiences, lessons and knowledge from his real estate ventures selflessly, and to achieve financial freedom through the investments. He hopes to teach more people on how to invest and own properties through this small book. His dream has come true and at age 29 at 2019, he is an author, speaker, property investor, trainer and advisor.

“Achieving my dreams is not the biggest goal.

Helping people who have experienced hardship is my ultimate goal.” – Anders Ong


The main reason he wrote this book is to educate people on property investment and guide them in using their property to create passive income or achieve financial freedom so that they can escape the nine-hour, six-working day routine of the rat race and enjoy early retirement, allowing them to spend time with loved ones and pursue a more meaningful life.


Anyone can secure a job or start a business to generate income, but it requires continuous effort. However,properties can work for us if we know how to leverage them effectively, even with limited funds.” – Anders Ong