War with Epilepsy - The Cockroach Spirit of Ivy Soon

War with Epilepsy - The Cockroach Spirit of Ivy Soon

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This book tells the stories of Ivy Soon, a living proof of one who became tough through numerous falls of life. Diagnosed with epilepsy, undergone a brain surgery, the hurting from intentional and unintentional unfriendly treatments.

Others may see her miracle, but she views herself as cockroach. The labeling did not halt her from advancing. Despite being confronted by some ruthless treatments in the society, she still wishes others to know her, to see her sincerity and passion.

Life influencing life, caring for each other, and living positively are all achievable for everyone. She wants to spread her passion for life to the mass public. Though being imperfect, she could still love herself, and care for others.

Life is full of infinite possibilities!

- 2009 Life Line Association volunteer training course
- 2011 Certificate of Satir Growth Model for Personal Growth
- 2017-2018 Columnist for "Anak" bi-monthly magazine by JiaoZong
- 2019 Advocate of education on epilepsy
- 2020 "The Cockroach Spirit of Ivy Soon - War with Epilepsy" Chinese version