A Cut Above by Winnie Loo

A Cut Above by Winnie Loo

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ISBN: 9834161123

Pages: 82

Published Year: 2005


A Cut Above: Built on Hard Work, True Grit and A Pair of Scissors
~ Author: Winnie Loo

At the tender age of 12, Winnie Loo was already experimenting as a hairstylist, combing and trimming hair – starting with her mother’s. In 1979, A Cut Above was born, with its first 428-square-foot salon located at Wisma MPI. Today, a quarter of a century later, A Cut Above is one of the best-known brand names in the Malaysian hairstyling industry. The superior quality of work that the enterprise is known for and the inviting atmosphere at every one of its salon is the foundation the remarkable success of A Cut Above. In this autobiography written to mark her twenty-sixth year in the industry, Winnie Loo relates the story of the rise of A Cut Above. She takes us from the humble beginnings of her establishment as a small salon in Wisma MPI, which she was proud to have started without a single sen from the banks, and shows how it has become the tremendous success it is today.

The story of A Cut Above is no trouble-free fairy tale without its hitches. Here, Winnie reveals some of the mistakes she made along the way and the hard lessons she learnt as a result, and we come to appreciate how these have made her stronger and more resilient.