(Imperfect Book) Behind A True Trader (Updated Edition) - Siaw Jun Kit

(Imperfect Book) Behind A True Trader (Updated Edition) - Siaw Jun Kit

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ISBN                     :  9789672805106

Pages                   :  280

Published Year :  2022


The book might come with one or more conditions below but at a cheaper price:

1. Bent and warped
2. Creased book spine / spine wears
3. Scratches and marks on book cover
4. Yellowish book cover
5. Spot UV peels off
6. Book cover dented


The Ability to Comprehend is the prime factor in an education. In fact, the supreme masteries in hunting entry and exit are not clearly presented in this book on purpose.

Here is why:

FACT 1: If you merely studied this book, you would find that I had disclosed the utter essence of Technical Analysis and if you appreciate what I have written, it is sufficient for you to trade the entire investment vehicles worldwide.

FACT 2: If you read through this book twice, you will get a glimpse of the Secret of Technical Analysis and it empowers you to dive deeper from there.

FACT 3: If you read this book beyond five times, you will realise that I have not written the steps to execute a trade in a proper order and manner.

If you understand the last fact, then you are already equipped with the everlasting weapon for an adventurous exploration into the Mystery of Technical Analysis and own this weapon for the rest of your life.

If you are a novice in the investment industry, you may find this book similar to the other ordinary investment books, or even find it unattractive.

If you are an intermediate player in this industry and have read several investment books before, you would understand the reason why this is the only book that you really need and have been longing for.

If you have the roots of practicing thousands of investment and non-investment books, you may even wonder why I did not launch such a Masterpiece in advance for the secular achievements you can pursue.