Believe : Creating Infinite Possibilities by Lee Kim Soon

Believe : Creating Infinite Possibilities by Lee Kim Soon

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ISBN: 9789833789610

Pages: 352

Published Year: 2013



This is the story of an ordinary man chasing his dream. The story is written base on the true life experience without modifying anything so that it could be presented originally to the readers. With a dream - Every reader is able to cultivate positive thoughts, no matter how bad the situation is, as long as believe and hold on to the last, in adversity, you are still able to see the dawn of hope!

Believe, is a faith. It is invisible, shadowless; however, it is deeply embedded in the heart of believers. You better not to underestimate it, the power of believe, is beyond your imagination. It has the power to make you feel nothing is unsolvable in this world; it can also let you to reach the peak of your life continuously!

It is dreams that make a person great; and believe is the source of dream! Life is filled with infinite possibilities, therefore do not afraid to chase your dream, even it might sounds imaginative; open your mind and go for it! Believe yourself, create the miracles in your life starting from today!

Life is full with motivation because of dream; those without dream are pathetic!

As the saying goes, opportunity is ready for those who have prepared. We can never predict when will the opportunity strike, thus please prepare yourself anytime, so that when opportunity strikes, you are able to grasp it tightly. Opportunity comes by luck, only those who act fast can have it!

Believe is only the beginning of dream, you have to take the first step to create and realized your dream. A lot of noble achievements start with a dream, right?

Please be brave to pursue your dream; life is a one way ticket. It is always difficult to take the first step, yet without the first step, there is no footprint of success in future. Therefore, please be brave to take the first step of success!

There is numerous challenges in the road to success, yet, the more challenges there is, the chance of achieve success is greater; failure is designed for success. As the saying goes: “Failure is the mother of success”, in this case, we should accept challenges and failure with broad-minded, so in future we are able to experience and enjoy the sweetness of success!

Please bear in mind, no matter how strong is the rainstorm, there will be cloudy day eventually; this is the law of universe, and same goes to life.