(E-BOOK) Father Loves You by Anthony Sabastian

(E-BOOK) Father Loves You by Anthony Sabastian

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A story of a father who trained and taught his children the values in life without realising the importance 

until he was called from the above and the children realise the values that need to be practiced to live a simple life. 

// Fatheryou always there,

Waiting to guide and teach me,

Thinking I could be with you to learn but I was everywhere,

Because I didn't understand the value you were trying to tell me.

I will always tell you that I will be here,

But that was just a story of me,

Because I was scared to share,

And father, I'm sorry for all the lies about me. //

The little values that you practice which can make a difference in yourself and your surroundings,

will definitely be the life that you want to be in.