From Zero Byte to Exabytes by Chan See Siak & Ng Heng Thye

From Zero Byte to Exabytes by Chan See Siak & Ng Heng Thye

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ISBN: 9789833789498

Pages: 216

Published Year: 2012


“I started my working life as a child helper at my father’s hawker stall and am now the founder and CEO of today’s biggest ONLINE company in web-hosting – Exabytes Network. Today, I am still baffled when people ask me, ‘Mr. Chan, you were only 19 years old when you founded Exabytes on zero capital. How did a young man of 30 turn a one-man company into a multi-million-dollar, MSC-status and ISO-certified company that now employs 60 full-time staff and serves more than 60,000 customers in 121 countries?

I’ve always wanted to reply, ‘Well, perseverance is what you need,
and the most important thing is, is….’ I almost always stop here. Really,
how did Exabytes Network, a 100% e-Commerce company which generates 99.9% of its income ONLINE make it to the top without the help of a single outdoor salesperson?

When none of my friends and relatives would believe that I was
able to make a decent living ONLINE 11 years ago, how did I, a first-year
college dropout bring Exabytes Network to where it is today?”

~ Chan Kee Siak ~
Founder and CEO, Exabytes