Infinite Wealth by Lai Seng Choy

Infinite Wealth by Lai Seng Choy

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ISBN: 9789833789276

Pages: 112

Published Year: 2010


Infinite Wealth: How two proven stock investment processes could generate impressive returns even during a market downturn
~ Author: Lai Seng Choy

The purpose of any investment is to make money, but not “quick money”. Here are the quick facts:-
•    There is no magic formula for you to make quick money, in the stock market. How many of your friends have the secret formula making quick cash from the stock market?
•    Accept the fact that the so-called hot tip is “the tip” for the general public, but history for big traders.
•    Big traders have been in the market long before “the tip” is released to the general public. They are ready to grab an immediate profit when the general public is buying based on “the tip”.

If you are expecting to get tips on making quick money, you may stop reading this book right here as this book does not provide any magic formula to make you rich in a short period of time. Instead, this book will show you how to make money from the stock market most of the time through a step-by-step, systematic way which effectiveness has been proven over years of testing and experimenting, and I will reveal to you how you can get an impressive investment results in long term.