[PRE-ORDER] The Naked Leader by Dennis Akkerman

[PRE-ORDER] The Naked Leader by Dennis Akkerman

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ISBN: 978-967-2805-70-0

Published Year: 2024

Pages: 185 pages

About The Book

The Naked Leader provides a simple yet insightful guide to set you up for bigger and more meaningful outcomes in life and in business. 

Author Dennis Akkerman explains that greater things are not achieved by continuously increasing the stakes. It doesn't work to add more stress, more working hours, more pressure on others or to force things to go our way by taking shortcuts. That is a zero-sum game; we cannot gain more by draining more energy and resources; we will hit a ceiling. 

Transformation starts with you; when you change, the world around you changes and this is how you increase your impact as a person and as a leader. 

Akkerman shares 7 powerful steps to effectively change your mindset, and ultimately becoming the best version of yourself, your Naked Self.