R.O.C.K your data - 25 + 7 Easy Tips to Make Your Spreadsheets Rock Solid! by Tai Choo Tack

R.O.C.K your data - 25 + 7 Easy Tips to Make Your Spreadsheets Rock Solid! by Tai Choo Tack

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ISBN: 9786299805700

Pages: 179

Published Year: 2023


Are you ready to make your spreadsheets rock solid?

With Tai Choo Tack, also known as the 'Excel Sifu', you can manage your spreadsheets with the R.O.C.K framework. This four-step framework provides a solid foundation in spreadsheet technology and explains why they're so important in today's business world.

The first strategy we'll look at is called 'R - Rectangle'. It helps you gain an overview of your data and avoid the common mistakes that can prevent accurate analysis.

Next, 'O' - Only One', will show you how to streamline your spreadsheets, from the entire workbook down to individual cells, making it easier for you and other to find the information they need quickly and easl=ily.

The third strategy, 'C - careful', takes a deeper look at the various data values you'll find in spreadsheets. Through experiments and real-world examples, you'll learn of the potential consequences of carelessness and how to avoid them.

Finally, 'K - Keep Raw Data Raw', will provide you with ways to prganise different sources of data and help you avoid errors. This way, you can easily update your data.

Plus, the bonus section offers practical and implementable tips to keep your spreadsheets organised for years to come.

With the R.O.C.K. framework, you can make your spreadsheets work smarter for you and your business.

So, why wait?

Get started today and make your spreadsheets rock solid!